Phonetic as part of linguistics

Linguistic is generally of study language, which subdivided into phonology and grammar.

Phonology is the study of phones or speech sounds. When we study sounds as sounds whitout regard for  function as signaling unit language the science is called Phonetics.

When we study speech sounds with view to finding out the significant units sounds in given language is called “phonemes” .

Kinds of Phonetics

Phonetics is divided into two kinds, namely “Articulary Phonetic” and “Acuoustic Phonetic”,

Articulary phonetics is studies speech sounds from the point of view of their wishes of production by the speech organ. It deal with the whises in which the speech organ are moved for the production of speech sound.  As such it is closely related Physiology, which is the study od organs of living being.

Acoustics Phonetics is studies speech sounds from the point of view from their physicall attributes, and deals among others with measure the loudness,  pitches, and others naturalistic of sounds.

Articulatory phonetics is in fact more practical than acoustic phonetics, it is doesn’t make use of expensive electronic instrument and only relies in the kinesthetic  sense of the student.

Let me autowriting this assignment, i got just 3 point because i left one phonetics. may you just has 2 kind if you got your material from Ramela book, but especially Miss yana.for one phonetics you must paid for 2 point is Audiotory phonetics.

Audiotory is how speech sound can we hear, so it related with the process hearing sound.

That all, hope you get the best score.


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