love, heart Every people have their love stories, and also with me. I also have love story, I feel quivers love with some one in my heart. But a half my love story still in the heaven.

Waste many times in home made me have a lot of day dream. I try to think if I can decide who someone in my heart is now. I haven’t married yet, so I can’t tell about my last love story, because my love doesn’t have its heart harbor yet. So it’s also about my heart now and before, just the days before a like to watch romantic’s stories. It’s remembered me to my heart now, and I smile alone.

My heart is now complicated, exactly unstable. I don’t understand I still always remember someone until now, strongly, I remember him if I hear when beautiful azan filling the air, I remember his voice. It’s because I usually hear his voice in the past, he very near to me, every days I often see him. And I can’t organize my heart.  I fall in love with his loyalty in praying to Allah, he filling my pride to someone. Maybe it’s because of a lot of kindness that I know and a less of another bad behavior. I already miss him if I feel lonely know.

He doesn’t know everything, the funnies moments that I remembered until now. When someone can erase all come to my life. Someone who is makes me more near and save, more pride and understand me. In this time to wait you is very hard, pray and struggle to has the best is the great way to reach him. My melodies of my love’ll come and be given a proper to my Islam.


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