Language could characterize all word in term of their phonetic and morphological make up.


Is used to study how write a go sentences. We can decribing the structure of phrases and sentences which account for all of the grammatical seguences and rule all the un grammatical sequences.

Types of grammar

The mental grammar is a form of internal linguistic knoeledge. This grammar is subconscious and is not the result of any teaching.

A second concept of grammar involves what might be considered linguistic etiquette, that is identification of the proper or best structure to be used in a language.

The part of speech

The part of speech there are nouns, adjectives, verb, adverb, preposition, pronoun, and conjunction.

Simple definition of this type are useful for identifying, most form in a language.

Traditional grammar

The englaish language has develop from latin and greek, so the grammar of these language was taken to be best grammar.

Traditional categories

There are some traditional categories in any language such as in English, there are in term of agreement, in term of singular and plural, in term of, tense, and also grammatical grammar.

Traditional analysis

There are the differences between in traditional book and similar tables of form in latin grammars.

The prescriptive approach

Is the rule for a good sentences are depend on their linguistic etiquette and proper use to language.

The descriptive approach

Its form of used language not according to some view of how it should be used. It is basis of most modern attempts the structure of different languge.


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