I have the scariest moment in my life when I went to Matos, Matos is one of big Supermarkets in Malang. I went to supermarket to buy a bag and shoes. After my structure class at 6.15 pm, I went to Matos by motorcycle. At least I went alone because threes no friends could accompany me. I tired today; caused I went to campus since morning. Arrived in the gate of supermarket, there were two policeman. I remembered that recently increasing a terrorism issues. Moreover with my performance, it became an attention. I was investigated by policeman, but I just easy going with this investigated. After that I walked alone I supermarket. My feeling was not good, for along time I have never gone to Supermarket. It was forced because I didn’t have another occasion to bought bag and shoes in other time in other hand I really needed it. In throughout my way there were many people always stared to me. I was not comfortable with that. Be caused I didn’t find the bag and the shoes yet I  decided to went to Matahari Department stored. The day get more night, so I  made choice to faster. Finally I got the bag and the shoes. After that I paid and went to home faster. In the way I thought that my performance when I went to Matos has invited people always stared to me, so it was my scariest moment that still refresh in my mind.



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