From dead poet society


Along time I just conscious what happens with my society, I has truly changed.

Latterly I feel that I need friendship, and I lost it. I don’t know since when I missed another dead poet society that there another Charlie or Nuwanda  that brave to prove himself, like neil that he have a problem that can shared with other or there is Cameron that have smulk talk but he a good friend or a Todd that a sincere friend. I need you friend so I sorry if I don’t have you all, sorry I really miss you. If still there opportunity to me, I still don’t now. I don’t want my veil and my missionary Endeavour become battle to my society. I don’t know I just feel the ukhuwah in my soul is empty. Or I don’t undestend there is some thing wrong. In campus don’t give me a good ukhuwah. Is just syuro and syuro and I busy with this things. Meetings everywhere and everytime.

I forget with my needed to have a good friendship with my closed people around me.


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