I was surprised when i visit in my ads in Facebook

its about my billing!

have you ever made ads in facebook….?

its rather effective than in google adword, i think that

in facebook  faster than googel now, i have several upload my ads in facebook and amazing it really works, but i must pay expensive to do it. such as now my billing have blow up, i can count it carefully, dont you surprise when your ads until around 180,00 dollar or in rupiah is around 2 million rupiah.

but allhamdulillah i can change my expulsion with my income.

its more surprise for you all, that never get your pasive income from internet, its my first experiences get it, in one fisrt month i could until around 10.000.000 rupia, do you realize. actually i couldnt to at that time but its fact.

now i think you guys can try it by your self and be success  internet enterprenour, see yeah ….


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