1. plot :
  • Exposition :

The story starts with Roger trying to steal Mrs. Jones’ pocketbook, but he is caught and then gets threatened by her. She decides to take him back to her apartment instead of calling the police. Roger explains that he is in need of money to buy a pair of shoes.

  • Complication (rising action) : the story introduce by a conflict that the child try to snatch M’am in the road. But he felled by M’am.
  • Climax :

“He could make a dash for it down the hall. Run, run, run, run” This is the climax in the story Thank you M’am by Langston Hughes. This climax is a special one, because of where it is placed, how it is not commonly used, and well how it is used.

One of the most amazing things about this climax in the story is where it is placed. The climax for Thank You M’am is in a quiet place in the story where nothing was really going on. Roger was washing his face, and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones was sitting on her bed. A lot of people would think have thought that it was in the beginning when Roger and Mrs. Jones were fighting for the purse, but it’s not, and that’s what makes this climax unexpected.

  • Falling action : the son followed M’am, so he helped by M’am
  • Resolution : M’am give his ate and ten dollars to get suede shoes, and the boy promise to do not make mistake of latching onto M’am pocketbook nor nobody else’s, so the son will behave himself.
  1. character :

Both characters are the protagonists. The one main character, Roger, can be viewed as both a dynamic character.

  • Roger: (Protagonist) he unadorned so he tried to get suede shoes by picked pocket in a road, and he not strong boy. He simple child that can to change to be better, he want followed M’am in that way he can run. But he still tried to got apologized by M’am
  • Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones : (protagonist) kind woman that she want help a little boy on the street, she give him ate,  ice box and some money to get what he want to buy, she also give advised to the son to do not a bad habit like pick pocket. As the quote in the story : “ You ought to be my son. I would teach you right from wrong. Least I can do right now is to wash your face. Are you hungry? “
  1. Setting:

The setting of the short story, Thank You, M’am by Langston Hughes, takes places during the early 1900s. There is a large woman named Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones and a young boy named’s about eleven o’clock at night, in road when the woman walked alone and in the woman house, the house large.

  1. Point of view : The omniscient, all knowing point of view, who the writer know all of the thinking of the character
  2. Theme : this story about how the poor son meets with the kind M’am, so the M’am gets concerned with the son condition. She wants to help him. So the theme is kindness or society and these possible theme for this story: Kindness is a more effective tool for rehabilitating criminal behavior than punishment, trust can build relationships in the most unexpected places,  offering kindness to an bad person can have transforming results, people respond more positively to trust and kindness than to punishment.

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