My room is beautiful. It is large room. And I put my goods in order. All my good, I put in my room, because I am in boarding house. I am in pair with my friends in that room. In my room there are two cupboards, one for my friend and the other for me. Then, there is one bedroom. It is pretty large for my friend and me, the bedroom is no bed stead but lying in the floor. Besides it, there are two rack for our little goods, one for my friend and the other for me, I put kinds of beauty product such as cosmetic in the highest rack, kinds of pencil and other little good for studying in second rack, and the third level of rack, I put kind of my instant food reserve. My book is arranged on top of my cupboard and a half I put on my cupboard, because the cupboard is big one. Sometime my room become disorganize when I put my book at random in anywhere in floor. In side of the walk aligning my desk for study, my laptop and my printer, in other side there is my friend clothes hamper. At my floor I use puzzle carpet, I must keep it in clean because my room in the second floor, so the wind sometime make my room full of dusk. And about the wall is can be said that my room is full of kinds of shelter, such as my journal plank, I make it from Styrofoam, my daily schedule, my memo board, and my material to be memorized board. Besides it, my friend also like displays some poster in the wall. This is the describing of my beautiful room.


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