Happy Eid Fitri, Minal Aidzin wal faizin, Taqoballahu minna wa minkum siyamana wa siyamakum…… taqoballahu ya karim… 😆

Beautiful of silaturahim in Eid Fitri it can picture from my message in my mobile, a lot of quote of eid Mubarak sent by my entire friend that often or since along time never met me. In this post I want sharing about my Eid Fitri that I think its different from other people. Last takbiran night was the first I can spend time in my parent or my beloved village since around seven years ago. 😥 Yeah… usually my adopted family not permits me to get home in takbiran night. Its some trouble in them was without me I think that because all servants were “mudik” and just I can help their life. Its not occur just at that time but for along the Eid Holyday that I must help or servant them by my self or if there are helping hand from Bu Sum was usually come just for washing and ironing. I just want talked with my self I mind write this. But I am a writer that must usual to write although it’s about my biography. Not rare I must strain my spirit to work to servant all of them all the day its was like last night I felt so tired, I imagine that I had just clean all of kitchen equipment at eleven o’clock that since morning until night I can take rest because bla..bla..bla.. 😡 It’s difficult to describe about people that must subjugate her life for a family Yeah like a faith servant. It’s too late to fury 👿  with that because I have felt this for seven years. But I mind I never write it.

Enough for my emotion, now I feel happy because I think I was do all my strength to my parent and my family. 🙂 I  lost to that I spend until 600.000 rupiah I this Eid, 8-0 I was bought Mak and Bapak a new dress for lebaran. I bought I Jubah for Emak, happily… and Koko dress for Bapak both I are blue. And I bought lebaran cake for Emak. But I forget to erase the price so you know my beloved Emak is choos about it. So the result Emak don’t want to place it in Guest room but she said that it better that its eat by our self. Beside I spend 120.000 just for my niece, I bought a sandal for them and I parcel it with a beautiful letter. Thanks Allah for your prosperity. This note I think important to prepare next Eid Fitri, Eitsss.. It’s not meaning you obey your religious service, but mean this a half of religion serves that can make your family happy and made advances our silaturrahim.

Next, about eight kind of  gift that I must bring to come in Malang, I very regret about this because I can memories juz 30 well. I don’t know I can’t… sorry I know it’s for my self but it’s pure my fault. 😥 I feel become stupid people I can’t, I must try more hard I know nothing impossible when we are struggle. Try to istiqomah…


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