Experience Is the Best Teacher

I have an unforgettable experience when I joined Contingent Porseni of Jombang for the first time. It was happen when I was in second grade Junior high school 2 Jombang. First of all, the history I can choose in porseni because I won a drawing competition for several time in Jombang. I love drawing since I was in kindergarten, in my memories I often join in drawing competition in that time. I think it natural that in kindergarten students always like drawing. So I still keep my interest in drawing until at that time I think. I won religion poster competition in Kabupaten Jombang region and then I won hardiknas poster competition too. So, Diknas bargain me to deputy Jombang become the participant of Poseni in Banyuwangi at that time. So everything its no impossible because if you indeed do the process that necessity to become the winner. And this competition gives me experience a lot. The journey to banyuwangi was very interesting. We were became one bus that bus is very nice, beside me was student from another school we just recognize in bus she was from Jayapura Irian Jaya. I think at that time I have talked a lot with her.  All off the member contingent was very kinds and funny especially theater guys. So I can recognize many student from another school in Jombang. In the competition we support each other. We were from far place in Banyuwangi we must help each other when one of the member of the contingent is was sick or sad may be we must brought the spirit situation. It was very important, in that time we have known the result of the competition and the result was bad. For all of we, just one of all categories get the gold medal.  I knew each people hurted but we were still cheer up for all my friends. So, I can learn a lot from this experience about friendship and a victory is not the most important thing. Become the winner is not a given by the result that we get but from the process that we have done.


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  1. Okay. Good. But I think you should give a little bit more details about some activities that you did during the Porseni, about the process. Check your grammar too. So, now please write your second draft on your notebook and we’ll meet again on Friday. C ya!

    _miss CC_

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