jadiI  endeavor to faith that I am here ready for the bright future. Next, finally I find the big reason Allah placed me here. So I begin to think what can I give for my belief, my parent, my motherland minimum I can develop my self. Now I want running faster, but I feel my leg is very hard to measure. Literature is interesting so interesting until I usually sleepy in the class. But someone inspirite me to always go on. I think I  still have a opportunity to get my best in literature, I know that is very hard. Literature not all of people can here, that way is not a populat progam. If you study in mathematic may you can get study hard for memories you numberic or your formula of subject. But if you on literature program not all people can write a poem, novel or  another belleslettres. So what I want in this way. I want become like Helvy Tiana Rosa, sometime I doubt with my self but Allah never lie with promise that someone have try with the best their strength.


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