qunatumWas so surprise to me! My spririt just flat on my thought. Already more than fifthty dream I have wrote in my wall for one year ago but now I staring it again. I make a evaluation on my self and I found something disappointed. In my mind al ready have been joining a lot of training motivation, I always get a big spirit after it and now nothing remind. Can I, still consistent with my rule in one day, just one day, and in reality I cann’t do anything, a little for my principel rule that ever I make to reach my idea (it’s a big deal) is reading one article in a day. I already have laptop and printer nothing reason that make me difficult to do something that can be easy if I get istiqomah (consistent) with my self . I can gossiping all of day with my friend but why I cann’t hearing a simple thing like my toefl preparation that already I had bought with Rp. 100.000 its to expensive for imitation book in wilis, I am never feel regret with that in my principle money is nothing compared book that we can get a lot of knowledge. And know why I writing this jurnal??? Yes, it is going to become my jurnal, my jurnal of my progress note that I start from KNOW. My bad feeling have already in amount for along time ago, but know I will make a QUANTUM LEAP. From where can I get this idea:

Its start when I read about Helvy Tiana Rosa Online diary on multiply. Along time ago I feel a little dislike with her book, I think it nothing special in her book. She just writing like usual writer flow and more get the story from people around her. Such as in her book, I am forget the title that is it horde from people around her. ( This is my banana brain, I am very less in reading, I am not a smart reader) from not reading all her book I have judgment on her work. Its very influence me, I feel not interested to read more novel so on because I feel can better than the writer. But after I do to try write belong to my self I get nothing. So now I surrender in my fault and this quantum leap, inspirited from Helvy Tiana Rosa, I already become your devotee. I want become like you. One again the reason why I feeling bad on you because in one of your book is there is your picture that I make conclusion you is akhwat when you were college in UI but why now your performance is change. Its seem in people around me that there is reality their idealism already change after their got married.
To be continued…


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