The Characteristic of Eighteenth Century English Language and Literature:

–         Tell About The Realism that happening at that time

–         Superiority, if we become poor people we can see the reality and we can look something very detail is may be disgusting


Kind of novel of adventure

The plot :

–         voyage LiliputiansGULLIVER

–         voyage Brobdingnag

–         voyage Laputa

–         voyage Houyhnhnm

The defferences from novel and movie:

–         There are scene that there are the guide in movie but in novel there aren’t

–         In the movie there is a queen that in the novel is actually not queen but king

Voyage liliputians characteristic

–         There is the silly king, that never lead his kingdom with wisdom.

–         Satire for English government as corrupted government

–         There a silly compettion to choose the minister, this criticism the government that the throne consider of heredity

–         Describe about rivalry French and England  in military

–         Explained that in the very small character there are big crime

–         Describe two rivalry partaies that symbolize with highheel and lowheel as opposite

–         Size become important things because if we little we can see the reality but if we became big one, we may be lost of the reality

Voyage Brobdingnag characteristic

–         The giant that usually symbolize of the power of  evil in this voyage they are very kind people

–         The voyage have a wisdom rule that led by a gueen

–         In the voyage there is no rasial discrimination, black people is have a good behavour too.

–         Tell about the gender issue, that a woman can be come a wisdom queen

Voyage Laputa characteristic :

–         Laputa is describe as a flying land  that  lived by scientist and philosopher

–         Criticism about scientist that develop just for scient not to human in the land (world)

–         There is a gender issue, exlapined that a man considered by logical but a women considered by their feeling

–         symbolize that  knowledge like just fliying

Voyage Houyhnhnm

–         yahoo as representation of human character

–         there are misantrophy, are think that don’t believe anymore to human

–         there are wine forshes  that explained about wisely, idea society, and utopia ( the perfect society)

–         horse as a noble animal become the symbolize of a honorable creator in this worl

THOMAS PAINE :  “From Common Sense”

–         Literature became a mirror at that time about social condition

–         Social condition more criticism one than a good one

–         England at that tme in the three wars, so the government need a lot of money to paid the war

–         America is a rich country there was 13 colonies and 50 states

–         But why people don’t have voice in legislative

–         Until they think to become independent country

–         He criticism about the government of George

–         Simplicity of its style was strength of commonsense

The characteristic of the Romantic Age

–         Lake poet : William wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey , Percy Bysshe Shelly, Lord Bryon, John Keats, Blake called by lake poet because their district is in around a lake in the North  England, and their poetry is about  feeling to come back to nature or the love of nature.

–         Romantic love

The poetry tell about love is when the chemical in your brain kick in and you feel an emotional high, and very happy, and elation when you and your lover together.

–         Satanic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelly and Lord Bryon. Is tell about life wisdom of nature to criticsm the government

WORDSWORTH : The Table Turned, She was a Phantom of delight and To a Skylark


How love of nature was digged by wordsworth?

Wordswoth have influenced by France revolution, and join extreme revolusionarist. But he was decrease her sympathy and became resent after the excess of crime was done by napoleon.

Extreme revolusionairst become tame step by step to the death moreover looked as conservative. Eventhough , his idealism that fighted in France revolution never faded on himself, still can look by his poetry. He still believed on human prestige, especially poor people. So, the subject of his poetry was select from simple human life and communicated in simple language too. Sense of  Wordsworth humanity close of relationship with firm belief about nature that not just enough to full beautifully, but rather love of nature became nurse, guide  of pure heart, and source of morality.

He always awared on misery that suffered by people every time he muse on love of nature.  Besides it, there was mystical element on Wordsworth love of nature belief. He believed that every object and creature in this nature was covered by the same soul. Wordswortf love of nature belief  can we found in his poet such as : “Tintern Abbey”, “The Rainbow”, “Ode to Duty”, and “Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood” etc.

–         Selfreliance and transendenelism


–         Is Father founded of detective by his poem and poetry

–         Gothic : Horor Story – apparitions, ghost, goblin

–         Skicopatatic person

–         Darkside of human mind

The Characteristic of The  Victorian Age

–         There are The Effect of revolution industri, and appear child labor, human labor change by machinery, so a lot people become unemployment

–         There a big gab between rich and poor men

–         There are the development of sciences, Charles Darwin with “The Origin Of The Spesies” who tell about who have the power is will become the winner.

–         The gab of the age : ideology, social condition, the king, and the spirit of the era

–         The defferences between romantic age and Victorian age :

Romantic age is very simple, with over flow spontaneous from the nature, but in the Victorian age the romantic poetry is digged by thingking and so complicated because influence of the development of sciences

–         DIDACTED, EDUCATED, the purpose to educated the reader

–         Human mind power

–         To entertain the reader

–         To study the reflection of society or other personality

–         To be guide of people


She never wrote long poems, she has simply ideas and directly without a waste word.

How the death digged by Dickinson :


The Characteristic of Modern Age :

–         Drama, the identity of drama is there  is dialog and stage direction, CLOSET DRAMA is drama script that never to performance



–         Great mitology

–         New inside on sociology and phischology

The Thematic Characteristic

  1. Breakdown of social norms and cultural sureties (nothing something certain in the world)
  2. Dislocation of meaning and sense from its normal contect
  3. Valoratianion of the despairing individual in the face of an mangeble future disillusionment
  4. Rejection of history and the substitution of mytical past, borrowed without chronical
  5. Product of metropolis of cities and urbanscapes
  6. Stream of consciousness
  7. Overwhelming thecnologian changes of the 20th century

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