globalSometime the more fashionable things, the more uncomfortable or even dangerous it is to wear. The most fashionable clothes usually make the people discomfort. It wears a lot of unusual things that need to get the model of fashion. Because it, fashionable clothes that we wear can hurt our body. The uncomfortable that we feel in our body finally effected our healthy. The result is a new illness. Perhaps the earliest fashions were appeared in post-revolutionary France which women wore thin linen dresses and they had to wet to make their bodies in beautiful shape. So, it was caused of a linen flu that led to many premature deaths. In Victorian times women’s clothes also prove fatal. Their corsets were so tight that most women had severe digestive problem. Fashion not only has suffered women but also men. For example, think of the 17th century men in Europe with their heavy wigs that still worn by lawyer today, tight corsets and high-heeled shoes walking. Shoes were straight like high-heeled can make our feet agony. In the 18th century, men and women wore the zinc to whiten their faces. The zinc is located in the cosmetic that now so popular to use. It’s true that can our skin become white but it can make their skin destroyed by the time they were 30 years old. In the 1920s men’s trousers, called ‘Oxford bags’, were so wide. It was dangerous, men frequently tripped over in them, moreover to try cycle in them was to risk serious injury. But cyclist didn’t usually suffer as much as the dancer, Isadora Duncan, whose beautiful long scarf become high fashion at that time, caught in the wheel of her sport car and strangled her. So, fashion is also dangerous for our healthy, so we must be careful to follow the fashion which the fashion is not making our bodies hurted by them.


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