hugoHUGO CHAVEZ  is the next Che Guevara, as fast becoming a national hero for many Palestinians who feel betrayed and abandoned by Arab leaders or maybe almost muslim in the word, because for along time we just be able to wacther and listener. Chavez expel the israeli ammbassador from Venezulela in protest at israeli’s three-week unslaught against the has become a heavily-populated Gaza strip, wich has so far killed more tha 902 and wounded 4200 others. besides it he also sending humanitarian aid plane to the bombed-out coastal enclave, suffering severe among Arabs and food and medicine shortage because of a long-running israeli blockade.

This is the right reaction, isnt it!mahmoud

As early as, Chavez is latin america’s most prominent leftist and staunch foe of out going US President George W Bush, in speech at the UN last year he called bush “The Devil”. wauw… so brave.

He is now printing out of many portraits as he can of the Venezuelan President to hand out to-pro Gaza protesters.


Satu pemikiran pada “This is The President Venezuelan, how about our president…

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