palestine1One word for Palestina “Jihad”, Two word for Palestina “Jihad Fi Sabilillah”. Israel “laknattullah”

That is must be the stand in our mind. It causes of the Israel arrogance, David Bromwich, Professor of Literature at Yale write unorthodox piece not typical of American mainstream: palpable critical standpoint towards his own America and Israel a position not many American academicians dare to take, his said that Israel and United states have evolved, almost behind our backs, from the countries

We read about in histories to militaristic societies widely seen as oppressors by those on the wrong end of our adventures abroad. Might that mean the price of life people is less crucial than the American histories. It mean a justice, its mean liberti.

WHY must Palestine, cause they are concede our independent in second country, and help our problem were their still had crisis. so, where our heart…where ukhuwah islamiyah stand up for…


Satu pemikiran pada “Stop Massacre Muslim in Palestina

  1. Hi sis,

    I understand you are trying to write things in English, and you also an English Lit student, I admire your guts a lot just keep on practicing Sis coz at some points I think you missed some grammars ^_^

    watching some movies, especially those with English subtitles will help, a lot.

    Never give up practicing ^_^ Good luck!

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