“I prefer sitting just a moment  to comprehensing my religion to lailatul pray until dawn pray coming”

That sentence said by Abu Hurairah to describe how the important and usefull knowledge  for us, muslim people beside praying. So our duty to look for it.

Insya Allah if we are never give up to study we can be rabbani smart set.

Now, how is the courtesy in Islam when we going to study :

  1. Know the urgency of studying.
  2. Repairing intention. With o.’s heart and soul just cause Allah and as supplies in hereafter.
  3. Continuity of study. Knowledge always need reconditional and development, therefore must be done over and over.
  4. Patient up against on look for knowledge, patient with the teacher, and emptying our heart from all of kind worldliness. Be property of mental as our prophet Musa AS.
  5. Regarded our teacher. Teacher position is like our parent about their child so we must be obey their well
  6. Don’t be shy to ask a question, but the question must be good and critical. Mother Aisyah Ra said, “ As the best women is Anshor women, her abashment never obstruct them to tafaqquh religion.”

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