The rear guard of islam youth

The row go forward be faced

Together with Allahu Akbar exclamation

Allahu Akbar…Allahu akbar

 Become syuhada that its aspiration

Welcome to the messenger of Allah

Upright justice for the sake of  propriety

Dissolve denied throughout the age

Let’s wet in the earth of Allah

By way of Syuhada’s blood

Let’s red bespattered  by blood

Never give up although a step

Be provisions by holy

Uprightness of tauhid in the world

Just Allah the determination

Ridho and anger  of Allah is reference

All of ability with all one’s might and main

Broke up the obstacle with go straight

Allahu akbar…. Allah is the greatest

Go forward  the rear guard of mujahid

Since the member of religious community of  Anbiya’ legacy

Keep akhirat aspiration and be zuhud in the world


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