When I was child, my friend and I used to play in wet rice field that located in beside our villages. At that moment, we gone to there together. We decided to collect the gold dented that usually lived on leafs near a churchyard. This wasn’t common churchyard, because our villager believed that this predecessor churchyard has protected out village from disaster.

In that agleam middle day, we with full enthusiasm hunted a gold dented in the leafs gap center of wet rice field. Filled the bill, we got a lot of gold dented. There were some red. Gold and silver. We were so happiness. We put in on a bamboo basket and we weren’t go home immediately, but we spent of that day by took a bath in the river. Besides the river there was shelter in rice field. It was nice day. A half of our there was carried a sugar cane. So we ate sugar cane together.

The day was done and we decided to go home. Have arrived at each home not a little of us get anger from our mother. Besides it we also heard the villager said that a gold dented which lived in the near a curchyard might not to catch. On the morrow, surprising event was occurred. Our gold dented have dissappeared, no one lefts.

But the most surprising have happen to us. In a random, we were got sickness. Our mother have frighten to us that reason we got a sickness because the predecessor that graved in a churchyard near we catch the gold dented was angry with us. It teached us not to spent along time to play in wet rice field. But after that event, we weren’t cured of our habit played on wet rice field.


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