People said that become a newlywed is 5 percent interesting, 95 percent is very enjoyable. Eh… but now we don’t explain about bride, We’ll learn about entrepreneur.
Become a Young entrepreneur, Who’s afraid?
Dear friends…. Become entrepreneur will carry you to be success people, be richman, and… be newlywed quickly. He…he…he…
So, who want to be Usman bin Affans or Khodijahs next generation, rich and success entrepreneur and becomes teenager that not depend on their parent.
Believe it, actually stand alone since we are still young is very comfortable.
How entrepreneur on islam’s point of view?
Are you ready?! Go….!!
Nowdays we can see the example of muslim successful entrepreneur and revival mullah like Aa’ Gym. He is entrepreneur that run a variety of bussines and missionary endeavor(dai) all at once. Thereby our aspiration to be “beneficial for island names, nation, and religion” be able to reach all at once.
So, how and what the way to reach it?
Step 1: Preparing modals: Relationship and reputation.
First step is to defeat “Mr. Modals”, generally Mr. Modals always be-goat if someone afraid to began their bussiness. Begining bussiness with a little modals better than nothing. We can start by now. Modals is not only money, it has many other varieties such as relationship and a good reputation.
Here, if we are talking about relationship, Islam also teach about it, in the form of sillaturahim each other. How about a good reputation It can be proved by doing of islam values entirely on our life, therefore we have tried to keep our reputation.
Step 2 : Determine of work colleague
Determine of colleague is easy, but picking out the right one is not easy. So, you have to be careful in this case.
Step 3 : Determine a kind of bussiness
Actually there are a lot of kinds of bussiness that can increase our talent, ability, and amusement of ourself. Besides, we get some money from here…indirectly we also get pleasure. We as become the most freedom people in this world.
Step 4 : Make a bussiness name
like mine, I’m names my minimarket as Az Zahra Minimarket (but still in my dreams, he…he… he…). The name must be brief and easy in the lips common people. And more important is the name must appropriate with the kind of your effort.
Step 5 : Entering entrepreneur world
Making a good planning , be careful, in detail, and completely, okey…!
Must be remembered! : “Don’t jump down in bussiness world just trial and error! Do everything with seriously.”


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