Idul firtri is a special day for Moslem people, isn’t it?  because still in syawal atmosphere i say Taqobballuhu minna wa minkum siyamana wa siyamakum, may all of our act of devotion is accepted by Allah, and all of our sin will have forgave. 

So, how about me? Do you interest to know about my days? I’m always struggle to make my days is a great day especially in idul fitri. Although since four years ago I always spend my holy day in my adopted family. When almost people come back to their house get on together. I should disgorge all of my power to assist my adopted family because is be a problem if there’d theirs servant go home to the village.

In the morning when I had been watering a garden I felt how wondering a great god Allah Subhanallahu Wata’ala. Whole people walked together to alon-alon to took idul fitri prayed so am I? I wore my best dress is a new dress, yeach…. But isn’t white code oh… I’m able to get a white dress code for all my family. Amien…. After that is sungkeman, we gave apologizing each other.

So far I still worried when I could go home. Is a problem caused my blood parent would to get together in my grandma. Thanks to Allah, I came in my village as soon as my parent and my sister would go.

I spend a half day in my grandma, and oh… I should come back. I never slept in my home in my holy day.


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